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1 Access

  • Location: 20 miles southwest of downtown Dallas, just southwest of Camp Wisdom
  • Reservations: Cannot reserve primitive sites, Allowed, but not required
  • On-site contact: 972-291-3900

2 Discussion

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  • Facilities: Typical mix of state park campgrounds with hike-in primitive sites and chemical toilets, as well as sites with water and electricity next to a parking slip and nearby restrooms.
  • Guided and self-guided tours available of the Penn Farm Agricultural Center.
  • Three loops of DORBA-sponsored mountain biking trails totaling 12 miles at the south end of the camp. Foot traffic is allowed. The Talala and Duck Pond Trails connect to each other; these two trails are close to, but do not interconnect with, the DORBA Trail.
  • Typical state park lake waterfront.
  • Cedar Hill State Park offers overnight camping close to downtown Dallas, and access to DORBA mountain biking trails and to the Penn Agricultural Center.
  • The two primitive campgrounds are located a short hike in along the Talala Trail and the Duck Pond Trail. These two campgrounds are really each a large grassy field surrounded by woods. Chemical toilets and no water in these campgrounds, although restrooms with showers are available nearby at a point between the two primitive campgrounds.
  • The primitive campsites CANNOT BE RESERVED. Also, both the DORBA trail and the two trails to the primitive campgrounds MAY BE CLOSED if very muddy, so you will need to have a backup plan in case of rainy weather. That backup plan could be a different, more developed campground within the park, or camping at a different destination.

3 Pictures

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4 Resources

  • Ten-day weather forecast: 75104
  • On-site ranger: 972-291-3900
  • Local law enforcement: City of Cedar Hill Police Department, 911
  • Nearest emergency care and hospital: call

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