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1 Access

  • Reservations: Allowed, but not required
  • On-site contact: 940-567-3506
  • Location: 1 hr 10 min west of Denton, in Jacksboro

2 Discussion

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  • Camping at Fort Richardson State Park consists of parking in a slip and camping next to the car with a picnic table and a fire ring. The park website says that there is primitive camping at the end of a 0.75 mile trail, but the map shows that location to be next to a parking lot and a playground. You can simply park in that parking lot and use the primitive campground to reduce the campsite fee, but do not have the mistaken belief that you will be hiking out and away from civilization to a remote campsite.
  • On a hot summer night, you will not want to be camped down next to the creek where the air is hot and still (site 23), but will prefer to be up on higher ground where there is more of a breeze (site 5).
  • The biggest draw at Fort Richardson State Park is the old Fort Richardson. Contact the Jacksboro Chamber of Commerce to see if there is a reenactment scheduled in the next year so you can plan to be in camp that weekend. I believe that reenactmenets have occurred in the past in October. And you can always do a self-guided exploration of the fort.
  • Fort Richardson State Park has a cactus garden. The presentation is not particularly impressive, but there is an impressive number of different kinds of cactus all collected in one place. This is something that you are unlikely to see anywhere else in North Texas. This is not necessarily a reason to go there, but it is something you shoudl probably stop and see as long as you are there.
  • Fort Richardson State Park is located at one end of the 9 mile Fort Richardson State Trailway. The trail is open to foot traffic, bikes, and horses. There is a parking lot and a beach at the far end, but no camping. This is not a wilderness trail. You will go right past the small local airport and a golf course, ending up across the way from a community activity center and close to a golf course.
  • You may prefer to print maps of the city of Jacksboro and do a five mile city hike.

3 Pictures

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4 Resources

  • Directions to: 228 State Park Road 61, Jacksboro, TX 76458 Google Maps
  • Ten-day weather forecast: 76458
  • On-site ranger: 940-567-3506
  • Local law enforcement: City of Jacksboro Police Department verify, 911

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