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Thank You

Thank you for your willingness to contribute.

Anyone is welcome to use this site and contribute, and your help is needed. Every page on this wiki was a blank template until someone contributed content. Some pages may still be empty. Others may be polished and full of content, but with room for further improvement.

The fact that other people can edit what you write means you do not have to wait until you have something perfect before adding it. You can simply make a short contribution and then, if you want, let someone else worry about editing and finishing out the page.

Contributing Text and Links

The first step in contributing text or links is to email the Wiki Administrator. The administrator will then set up an account giving you permission to edit. Sorry for the extra step, but it helps to separate the humans from the robots.

The second step is to just start typing. Find the page you want to add to. Click on the Edit tab at the top right corner of the page (not Edit Source). Add text, add a link, or edit what someone else has written. The editing interface is reasonably intuitive, but please glance at the Quick Reference page before adding headings.

Contributing Pictures and PDFs

If you want to contribute PDFs or photos, this can be done in either of two ways:

  • You can upload those items to a webpage that you control, and you can then create a link on the wiki to that webpage; or
  • You can send an email to the Wiki Administrator. You will receive a reply email that includes a link for uploading the pictures to Dropbox.

If You Are Still Curious …

If you are interested in additional information about how the website is set up, or the reasons for not allowing direct upload of PDFs and photos, or how to edit with the Edit Source tab, see the Advanced Reference. But you are also welcome to completely ignore that page.

To sign up to contribute to the wiki, or to report any broken links or other issues to the Wiki Administrator.

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