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1 NTOA Meets

  • Calendar of NTOA meets. NTOA puts on about a dozen orienteering meets each year from fall through spring. Attendees include adult enthusiasts, Scouts, ROTC groups, and families. The maps and courses are of excellent quality.
  • Orienteering is a great outdoor activity. But before someone can do orienteering, someone else to set up an orienteering course. There are very few permanent courses in the area, so you must generally either set up your own course or attend a meet.
  • So in the case of orienteering, it is less important to worry about where to go, and more important to decide when to attend an NTOA meet.
  • These orienteering meets come in several different types. The regular version has one person or team start on each course every minute, with three hours to complete the course in sequence. But on some courses everybody starts at the same time in stampede or shotgun mode. Some courses are "relays" where you return several times during the course to the starting point. Some are "score-O's" where you find as many stations as possible in no particular order within a set time. Some courses in the past have been run after dark.
  • Beginning scouts can run the course together as a team with an adult along to keep them from getting lost.
  • White level courses are too easy and have the control points on pathways. Our troop lets first year Scouts go as a group and do yellow courses where control points can be seen from the path. Our older Scouts do at least orange courses in small teams where paths are generally useful for approaching control points, but the final approach will often be bushwhacking. Brown, red and green courses are the fun, cross-country bushwhackers of varying lengths.

2 Permanent Orienteering Courses

Permanent orienteering courses are located at:

3 Camping and Orienteering

Many of the event hosts (state parks, Scout camps, church camps) allow orienteering participants to camp overnight during the meet.

The easiest meets to combine with overnight camping are the ones held at:

  • maybe also Texoma Lutheran Camp

4 Geocaching

It is frankly hard to find a place within a couple hours of DFW that you would go outdoors and not find some geocaching. So working up a list seems both overwhelming and unnecessary. Here is a link to an app that will get you underway. People are welcome to add more.

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