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1 Lead Organizations

2 River Flow

  • River flow matters to both safety and enjoyability. In Texas, do not just check it once and assume it will not change. Many rivers are dammed, and if you are floating downstream, next week's water flow is what matters, and it is totally within the power of the Corps of Engineers. So call to find out what the flow is.
  • Rivers App

3 Safety Requirements

Safety Afloat, swim checks, and qualified lifeguards

4 Paddling Destinations

4.1 Four DFW Counties

  • Trinity River between Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Lewisville

4.2 Texas

  • Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake
  • Colorado River, central Texas
  • Guadalupe River rafting, central Texas
  • Nueces River, east Texas
  • Sabine River, east Texas
  • Rio Grande

4.3 Arkansas, East Oklahoma, South Missouri

Only a few of the better float trips in this area are listed below. For a more complete list of possibilities, see the following sites: [Paddler - Oklahoma] [Paddler - Arkansas]

  • Ouachita River, Arkansas
  • Arkansas River, Arkansas
  • Spring River, Missouri
  • Perhaps: Glover River, Eagle Fork River, or Upper Mountain Fork River
  • Cossatot River, Caddo River, Ouachita River
  • Buffalo River, Arkansas

5 Resources

5.1 Guidebooks

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