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This page identifies council summer camps located within 3 hours of Dallas-Fort Worth, plus a few others that might justify a longer drive. Some of these camps also offer resident camping programs at other times of the year.

There is room on this page for a paragraph or two describing things that set each camp apart from others. But there is currently no plan to set up a subpage for each summer camp program and get into the business of moderating praise and complaints about staff, food, etc.

1 Summer Camps within 3 Hours of DFW

Circle Ten Council

Longhorn Council

Other Scout Councils

2 Summer Camps between 3-10 Hours from DFW

Apart from being far enough away from Dallas-Fort Worth to actually be up in the mountains, the other thing that many of these camps offer is the opportunity to pair a high adventure program (staffed or DIY) for older Scouts out of the same camp during the same week that younger Scouts attend summer camp.

Ouachita Mountains

West Texas and Southeast New Mexico

Northeast New Mexico

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