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  • This page identifies places to go car camping. This includes places where you can camp right next to the car. This also includes places where you can get away with making a couple of trips back and forth to the car of no more than a quarter mile each way.
  • This page includes many destinations that did not qualify for inclusion on the page Quality Overnight Camping within 2 Hours of DFW. The additional destinations that are listed on this page do have the virtue of being close, and the fact that in winter you often have the place largely to yourself anyway.

1 About Car Camping

  • If you are new to camping, you may want to consult the following:

2 Four DFW Counties

  • Most overnight camping within DFW is located along the shores of six lakes: Lake Benbrook, Lake Grapevine, Lake Lewisville, Lake Ray Roberts, Lake Lavon, and Joe Pool Lake.
  • This list is intended to include every place in the four DFW counties that a Scout troop could go camping (other than KOA-type campgrounds). Outside the four counties, this list is more selective.

2.1 Tarrant County

  • Mustang Park, Benbrook Lake

2.2 Denton County

  • Denton: Hills and Hollows. Offers overnight camping in a wooded environment in southwest Denton. The camp is quite small (25 acres), but has a lot of vertical relief, making this a great place to teach beginning topographic map skills before attending an NTOA orienteering meet. Some campsites are accessible by car.
  • Hickory Creek State Park, LakeLewisville
  • Sycamore Bend, Lake Lewisvill
  • Oakland Park (very mown)
  • Camp Tsungani, YMCA, Lake Lewisville
  • LLELA, Lewisville
  • Stewart Creek, The Colony on Lake Lewisville
  • Murrell Park, Grapevine Lake
  • Twin Coves Park, Grapevine Lake
  • Lake Grapevine south shore by lodge (very mown)

2.3 Collin County

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2.4 Dallas County

  • Camp Wisdom • Overnight camping • Offers almost everything you would find at a summer camp but without the drive. Canoes on a private lake. Fishing. Swimming pool. Dining hall (and conference center). Shooting ranges for rifles and archery. Enough room to go exploring. And 28 overnight campsites in Duncanville. The only downside is that the highway can be heard from most campsites as background noise.

3 Destinations within 2 Hours of DFW

  • Cleburne State Park

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